Friday, March 18, 2016

Red Velvet: The Red v. The Velvet

Red Velvet is a k-pop girl-group with dual concepts 'Red' and 'Velvet'. I will be comparing the two concepts. (Also, note that all songs from 'The Red' album are red concept and all songs from 'The Velvet' are velvet. :)

;bold, playful, bright and happy
'Red' concept songs include:

'Dumb Dumb' is an upbeat song with a groovy sound and addictive hook. The lyrics describe how the girls act dumb and awkward in front of their crush. In the MV, Red Velvet dance like dolls in a mannequin factory. They're dressed like a mix of Pippi Longstocking and Raggedy Ann. It's pretty cool and amusing!

This sounds like it would have been perfect for f(x) , but it suits Red Velvet just as well. Ice Cream Cake is bubblegum pop with a twist. It's kinda bizzarre, but that's better than being typical! They dance around in the desert with light hair and pastel outfits.
Debut track, 'Happiness' gained a lot of attention. It has a mild African-tribal sound, but is mainly pop. Also, this was before Yeri joined the group, so there are only four members here. My favorite part is their hair, the ends are dyed in different colors!


;toned-down, serious, sophisticated and classy
'Velvet' concept songs include:

One of These Nights

'One of These Nights' is a slow song, with soft vocals. To me though, the MV is more memorable than the song itself. It's like a second version of Automatic but with lighter visuals. The girls wander through dream-like scenes very mysteriously and they parallel scenes from automatic like: all the members sitting at a table and riding in a car together.


I'll describe 'Automatic' as a Janet Jackson-y, throwback r&b jam. Like I said in a previous post, the song is high quality and is reminiscent of old-school American r&b. The MV is dark and 'mysteric'. Basically it's an earlier version of the MV for 'One of These Nights', which is nice that the group has a cohesive concept!

This song was released after 'Happiness' which confused fans because they hadn't explained their 'dual concept' theme. Instead of bright colors, Red Velvet wore natural hair and sported tailored suits with heels rather than cheer-leading uniforms. 'Be Natural' is a remake of a song from 2000 and is jazzy r&b.

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