Thursday, March 10, 2016

Playlist 4. Mysteric

Theme: Mysteric
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

"An unfamiliar blue light shines, the thing that makes me dizzy. Mysteric." - f(x) 4 Walls. This playlist is based off of f(x) 4 walls. I collected songs that have a similar sound and style. Enjoy!

1. f(x) - 4 Walls
Korean ♥
Aesthetically mysterious. F(x) is known for their experimental sound and this is no exception. 

2. Ladies' Code - Galaxy
Korean ♥
It's a new style for Ladies' Code; no longer bubbly, but rather laid-back. That's understandable considering the death of two of the members. On the bright side, this song is a masterpiece! Ladies' Code proved that k-pop can be classy and you don't need a repetitive hook to make a song catchy.

3. Taemin - Drip Drop
Taemin did it again. He stole Shawols' hearts with his smooth criminal style. Just like his solo debut, he channeled his inner Micheal Jackson. I'm impressed by the musicality.

4. Azin - Delete
I don't know who Azin is, or when she debuted, but she has an f(x)-esque sound. I stumbled across her while browsing on Youtube and figured she would be a nice addition to this list.

5. Shinee - View
I gave this song no attention during Shinee's comeback, and now I sorta like it. The group's miss-matched clothes pushed me away, but that has nothing to do with song.

6. Red Velvet - Campfire
Another good song, that I didn't pay attention to. Not sure if this matches with the playlist, but i'll add it!

7. Red Velvet - Automatic
Music of this quality is rare in k-pop, in idol groups and (to be honest) SM. Red Velvet is one of the SM artists that I believe make the highest quality music. Even though 'Automatic' isn't particularly my taste, it's a gem.

8. Exo - Hurt
Korean ♥
Probably the best song on Exo's 'Exodus".  It's a non-typical song that paints a picture with it's lyrics. 'Hurt' got buried under the hype of the album's title tracks but be sure to listen to it after you've overplayed 'Call Me Baby' ;)

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