Monday, March 28, 2016

Artists Profiles~f(x)

F(x) is a k-pop girl group that takes big musical risks and has an experimental genre. They debuted with five members, but as of now there are only four; Krystal, Amber, Victoria and Luna.

Girl Group


F(x) overall has an asymmetrical theme, their music is chaotic and even though the girls are always dressed similar, there is something off. But that is what makes this group so unique! Especially, when k-pop is usually uniform. 'Red Light' is upbeat and edgy, just don't try to rack your brain trying to figure out the meaning.

I know this song has appeared on my blog already, but I must add it! F(x) keeps their askew concept and leaves us scratching our heads with the song's lyrics. "Hello, you probably heard of me at least once, your wisdom tooth."

'Electric shock' was before f(x) pulled completely away from typical k-pop. It still has that quirky charm though and is in the electronic-dance genre.

Other Songs:
4. Beautiful Stranger

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