Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Playlist 6. Sweethearts (Girl Ver.)

Theme: Sweet
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

A collection of sweet, lovey-dovey songs to raise your blood sugar! All the singers/groups in this playlist are girls, a boy version with the same theme is coming soon! 

1. AOA Cream - I'm Jelly Baby
AOA Cream is a sub-unit from Aoa, featuring members Hyejeong, Yuna and Chanmi. The MV is bright pink with a dessert theme and slightly inspired by Sailor Moon. Hyejeong gets jealous when she finds her boyfriend with another girl.

2. Red Velvet - Oh Boy
Korean ♥
Songs like these are why I am a Red Velvet fan! The song really showcases their vocal abilities in this r&b track. I also like how they experiment with the dance music genre.

3. Popu Lady - Love Bomb
Popu Lady is a k-pop-esque girl group from Taiwan. So if you're wary about listening to c-pop, you should start with Popu Lady. Their early songs are cute and bubbly with a concept similar to that of A pink. Not to mention 'Love Bomb' is incredibly catchy!

4. A Pink - LUV
A pink stayed true to their cute concept in LUV. It's safe to say this song is an A Pink classic. "Do you remember the time we spent together? L.o.v.e. Luv!"

5. Girls' Generation - Gee
'Gee' was my very first k-pop song! No doubt it paved the way for the recent K-pop era and is a well known classic. All this aside I prefer the Japanese version. Shinee's Minho is featured in both music videos!

6. Twice - Ohh Ahh
Monster rookie Twice's debut song. So far Twice only have one mini album, but their lead single crushed the charts. The members are bright and the song is catchy enough. I included the dance version.

9. Orange Caramel - Lipstick
Orange Caramel is a sub-unit of girl group After School. I love all OC's songs and this is in my favorites. Raina, Nana and Lizzy sport orange jersey dresses and crush on a tennis player. At the end of the MV, they battle some sort of tennis princess. Funny!

10. Jolin Tsai - Phony Queen
Mandarin ♥ 
Everything about 'Phony Queen' is to die for; from the song, lyrics and even the weird outfits. Apparently, Jolin wants to marry a phone, because it's more tolerable than a real man. "Want to be in a relationship? As it turns out the real is inferior to the fake".

11. TTS - Good-Bye, Hello
TaeTiSeo (the third sub-unit on this list) are from Girls' Generation. They received a lot of attention for debut song 'Twinkle' however their non-title tracks deserve attention too.

12. f(x) - Rum Pum Pum
F(x) ambush the one that they love in 'Rum Pum Pum'. "Ouch! your head will hurt, you won’t be able to sleep, you won’t forget me easily, your true first love that appeared." The MV is as bold and vivid as the lyrics - I want those plaid dresses!

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