Thursday, March 31, 2016

Playlist 7. Sweethearts (Boy Ver.)

Theme: Sweet
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

They're charmers trying to win your heart with sweet lovey-dovey songs! All these idols are k-pop boy-groups. The Girl version is here.

1. Seventeen - Q&A (Feat. Ailee)
Seventeen's Woozi,Vernon and S.Coups study hard in Q&A. But they're not studying for school, they're are learning how to date! Ailee is featured in the song, her strong vocals contrast with Woozi's soft voice.

2. Henry - 1-4-3 (I Love You) 
Henry uses an odd (but sweet!) way of saying "I Love You". 1-4-3 represents how many letters are used to spell it. Amber is featured in this track and I think they look like 2 peas in a pod.

4. Got7 - Just Right 
Got7 want us girls to know that everything about us is just right! "I’d find a flaw if there was even a flaw that I could see you dazzle, you have nothing missing". They definitely got the fan-girls with these lyrics!

5. Seventeen - Adore
They make it on this list again, but this time as a whole group. Honestly, Seventeen's whole concept is about sweet, charming boys. In this video especially they remind me of energetic puppies. It's so likable!

6. Ikon - My Type
'My Type' was a warm-up track released ahead of Ikon's album. It's casual and laid-back along with a charming chorus, "You’re my type even if you don’t say anything, I have a feeling." In the MV, Ikon are cute and funny, especially Bobby.

7. Block B - Her
I always thought Block B, were outgoing with loud stage personalities. This is no exception, but they showed a funnier side to them, rather than being tough. 'Her' is a really funky, chaotic jam. Brace yourselves for mindless behavior and bright colors in the music video!

8. Got7 - A
I like you and I know that you like me. That's the meaning of this song. The music video is my favorite of Got7- it's so cute and humorous! And for you Twice fans, Sana is the girl that the boys are pursuing.

9. Shinee - Dream Girl
"Shinee's back!" No, this isn't a new release it never gets old. The genre is described as acid electro-funk and is accompanied with an equally jazzy, trippy music video.

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