Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Playlist 5. Bloom

Theme: Flowers
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

Spring is near! So, here's a playlist with a flower theme and relaxing mood.

1. Lee Hi - Rose
Lee Hi sings of the bitterness that hides behind the sweetness of love;"Every rose has its thorn". Her sass is toned down for this ballad, but Hi keeps her soulfulness. This song took a few listens for me to like, but now it's on replay.

2. Ailee - Ice Flower
Korean ♥
'Ice Flower' is part of the OST for the K-Drama 'Queen of Ambition'. It easily could have been a typical ballad, but Ailee made it heart-touching.

3. Xia (Junsu) - Flower
Not a fan of the music video, but the song is nice enough. It's serious, intense and works well with Junsu's baritone. Tablo is featured in 'Flower'. 

4. Ladies' Code - My Flower
From the mini-album 'Myst3ry'. I feel like Ladies' Code poured out their hearts while singing this song, there are such heavenly vocals. I was a little disappointed they only released three tracks, but the quality makes up for it!

5. G.E.M. - The Rose
Mandarin ♥
Trans. from "寂寞星球的玫瑰"
A beautiful ballad from G.E.M. that's very emotional. I really admire that she's a singer-songwriter. Her songs never get old.

6. Ailee - Sakura
Ailee is on this playlist again with an English cover of 'Sakura' by Ikimono Gakari. She calmed down her powerhouse vocals and sang this track more delicately. 

7. K.Will - Love Blossom
Happy, relaxing and upbeat, it's really sweet. L (Myungsoo) from Infinite stars in the music video.

8. A Pink - Flower Petal
A Pink try to decide if they'll tell their crush that the like him while pulling the petals from a flower. "Should I tell you or not? Should I tell you I like you?" The music video is equally playful as the song.

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