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May in Music

Here are my song picks from the month of May!

1. Shi Shi - Guilty
Released: May 7th
Shi Shi is an absolute ballad queen, she always has the most beautiful, emotion churning songs. "Guilty (內疚)" was co-composed by the Taiwanese-Korean songstress herself and incorporates musical trends from both Taiwan and Korea. It is a piano-ballad, a genre that is popular in the Chinese-speaking world but also has electronic dance music that is commonly used in Korea. According to the song's description on KKbox, "Guilty" is about feeling remorse after ending a burdensome relationship.
Review: Song - 4.5/5  MV - 2/5

2. Cherrsee - Piano
Released: May 15th
Cherrsee is a J-pop girl group whose name is derived from the words "cherry seeds." This act was formed by Korean producer Brave Brothers and the members received guidance from K-pop girl-group AOA. For this reason, Cherrsee gives off a very K-pop idol feel. In fact, their latest song reminds me of a popular Korean song - Rough by Gfriend. Like the aforementioned, "Piano" has a rich string and piano-based instrumental. It is the lead single for their first mini-album which includes the Cherrsee's older songs. 
Review: Song - 3/5  MV - 3/5

3. NCT 127 - Chain
Released: May 16th
In November 2017, we got a taste of NCT 127's Japanese debut with a new version of "Limitless," and now they've finally debuted with their first Japanese mini-album. The album, "Chain" intends to reflect the chain connecting Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan. Its lead single of the same name takes the concept quite literally, incorporating a chain drill sound throughout the song and showing the members using power tools. Overall, NCT has developed a unique, niche style of music and "Chain" definitely follows suit. Though initially overwhelming, the song got better for me after a few listens.
Review: Song - 4/5  MV - 4.5/5

Released: May 18th
BTS confess that their love was all smoke and mirrors in "FAKE LOVE." Such a sharp contrast from the group's previous release "DNA," their latest album and single talks about the dark side of love. As I mentioned in my album review, BTS further show their flexibility as artists with the trap-style of "FAKE LOVE." I appreciate the combinations of grunge guitar, trap beat, and vocal layering, as well as the continuation of the "Love Yourself" storyline. It's a perfect song!
Review: Song - 5/5  MV - 4/5

5. Shinee - Good Evening
Released: May 23th
Shinee makes their emotion-heavy return as a four-membered act, though they will always be remembered and cherished as five. With "Good Evening," they stay true to their brand of a contemporary R&B group that they've developed over the years. The song, which is actually a remake of  112's 1996 single "Cupid,"  mixes R&B with electronic dance. The genres are blended smoothly and the track maintains a mellow, sentimental vibe. "Good Evening" and it's accompanying album was released to celebrate Shinee's 10th year anniversary. The EP "The Story of Light Pt.1" is the first part of three, so look forward to the rest!
Review: Song - 4.5/5  MV - 3/5

6. Pristin V - Get It
Released: May 28th
Pristin is a ten-membered rookie group with a bubbly and fun energy. However, they really switched things up with the debut of their first sub-unit. The five girls of Pristin V take on villainous personas to make the man of their affections fall in love with them. The music video is equally filled with dark and light aesthetics as the girls seem to revel in their schemes. "Get It" is an r&b pop song with trap elements and heavy synths. It has a well-constructed production, though it veers very close to being generic. Still, "Get It" was a nice way of showing Pristin's versatility as Kyulkyung, Rena, Nayoung, Eunwoo, and Roa, all own the villain attitude.
Review: Song - 3/5  MV - 3/5

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Top K-pop Albums {Love Yourself : Tear by BTS}

Released: May 2018
1. Intro: Singularity 2. FAKE LOVE 3. The Truth Untold 4. 134340 (Pluto) 5. Paradise 6. Love Maze 7. Magic Shop 8. Airplane Pt. 2 9. Anpanman 10. So What 11. Outro: Tear

Last year, BTS started a new series called "Love Yourself." The series began with the mini-album "Love Yourself: Her" which describes "the stories of young people falling in love." The whole theme of the project is based on the smeraldo flower of "La Citta di Smeraldo" an Italian story of which a summary is included here. This album was rather bright and happy, featuring the excitable lead single "DNA." However, in the weeks leading towards the release of "Love Yourself: Tear," it was revealed that this work would be darker. Before even listening to the album, the name "tear" and the black album cover hints that the story BTS is narrating has taken a painful turn.

Interestingly, the painful plot twist of "Love Yourself: Tear" was foreshadowed in the prior release. For example, the smeraldo flower means "sincerity that cannot be delivered." A multicolored smeraldo is depicted on the album cover of Her but is reduced to chaotic squiggly lines on Tear. In this album, we'll see how BTS transitioned from the uncorrupted love of "Her" to a love that turned out to be smoke and mirrors.

1. Intro: Singularity

BTS have a tradition that they follow - they reveal a special comeback trailer ahead of their album release. Since the Dark & Wild era, these trailers have been performed as a solo by one of the members and are included as an album intro. "Singularity" is performed by V, and the whole package is quite a work of art.

To complement his voice, V takes on the neo-soul genre. He also performs a dramatic, interpretive choreography that shows his dance-savvy as well as the meaning of the concept. The term "singularity" indicates being by oneself, and appropriately, V is seen dancing by himself - with his own arm as if it were another person. This video has references to the Greek story of Narcissus and Echo. The lyrics mention hearing a voice (which would be Echo) and seeing one's face in a lake (which is how Narcissus fell in love with himself). On the contrary, this narcissistic love is indicated to be fake love as there are scenes with V wearing a mask. Is he putting on a fake persona so he can love himself? Or so someone else can love him? Likely both.

As a sequel to "Love Yourself: Her" the dark storyline of Tear may seem like such a shift, but it was foreshadowed in the former album's outro. Some lyrics read:

"But I’m lookin’ for love, I don’t care if it’s a fake me if you hold me" - RM (Outro: Her)

"I can never take off the mask. Because the me behind this mask is not the one you know. Make up to wake up today too and dress up to mask on. In order to become the me that you love. In order to become the one that you love" - Suga (Outro: Her)


BTS's musical evolution is quite impressive - they started out as a hip-hop group but have confidently branched out to many other genres. And now, with "Fake Love," BTS has returned back to home-base, so to speak. As the lead single, "Fake Love" is an emo hip-hop track with trap elements. The blend of sounds (guitar, trap beat, vocal harmonies) gives the song a much-appreciated complexity and a high-quality production. This genre-layered sound is quite reminiscent of "Blood Sweat & Tears." Much of "Fake Love" is in English, presumably because the group has gotten much attention from a Western mainstream audience. 

Just as "Her" and "Tear" are in sequence, the lead singles are as well - "Fake Love" continues the story of "DNA." "DNA" talks about a fated love that is sure to last forever. The lyrics to the song emphasize the flawlessness of the love. "From the day of the universe’s creation and beyond. Through the infinite centuries and beyond ...We’re eternally together."  However, according to "Fake Love" that fated love turned out to be completely phony - and it's devasting. Looking between the two music videos - there is a stark contrast. And this contrast allows me to appreciate the storyline even more.

Saturated, bright colors (DNA), Faded colors (FAKE LOVE)
DNA is exploding with exuberant colors. The beginning scene opens brightly and there are murals of art with red, blue, and yellow. The members also wear clothing in these same colors. On the other hand, "Fake Love" starts with a dark scene that has little lighting. The members either have dark or muted clothes (that look as if they once belonged to DNA, but were faded). There is one large black and white mural - it depicts hands that are reaching for each other but cannot connect. I also noticed that the choreography for "DNA" ends with all the members standing in a face to face line, and "Fake Love" begins with all the members standing in a line...which further connects the two songs!  Essentially, BTS shined a bright, beautiful light that was "DNA," only to bring us into the dark with "Fake Love."
Multicolored mural (DNA), Monochrome mural (FAKE LOVE)

3. The Truth Untold

Last year, BTS teamed up with American producer Steve Aoki for a remix of one of their album b-sides "Mic Drop." He worked with the boys again - this time composing an original song for the vocal line-up (V, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook). I am not too familiar with Steve Aoki, from what I have passively observed about him, he typically does upbeat party music. In fact, his remix of Mic Drop sums up what I expected of him. However, "The Truth Untold" is quite the contrary - it has a very simple, bare instrumentation. The bare piano and synth-based production forces the focus on the members' vocals and makes the whole piece a captivating listen! 

The title, "The Truth Untold" may also be translated as "Sincerity that Cannot be Delivered." This directly ties into the entire "Love Yourself" theme because that is the meaning of the Smeraldo flower in flower language (as I mentioned above). Moreover, the meaning of "The Truth Untold" is carried over from the previous track "Fake Love," which was carried over from "Intro: Singularity." All three tracks include the ideas of a fake, insincere love and hiding behind a mask or being untrue to oneself and others.

4-6. 134340 (Pluto), Paradise, Love Maze
The next track on the album is a jazzy r&b number that reminds me of music from the 70s. The title "134340" refers to the nondescript name that scientists gave to Pluto after it was declassified as a planet. According to Suga, the lyrics work as a metaphor to describe "something being separated from something else." Pluto is now isolated from the planets in the galaxy and "134340" describes that loneliness.

"Paradise" is an R&B ballad that has BTS's classic sentiment. In Korea, where youth are pushed into a fierce competition to be the best, BTS are saying it's okay if you need to take a rest.  The song opens smoothly with Jungkook's vocals, invites a hip-hop beat, then slightly picks up in energy.

Many have interpreted "Love Maze" to be dedicated for fans, but I do not think that is the case. So far none of the songs that BTS have dedicated to ARMY have been romantic in nature. Fan songs are for all fans, and making a fan song romantic would exclude fans of certain demographics. With that said, "Love Maze" is a love song that mixes R&B and Future Bass. It describes navigating through obstacles in a relationship. The lyrics maintain a positive attitude, asserting that the couple will get through anything. "We ran and ran endlessly. But all the fake noise. Can’t tear us apart, it’s true baby."

7. Magic Shop
Ahead of the album release, RM told fans that "Magic Shop" was co-composed by one of the vocal-line members. As many have guessed, that member is Jungkook! RM, Suga, and J-hope are recurrent composers in BTS, but recently it has been hinted that the golden maknae would try his hand at writing and producing too. "Magic Shop" is a light, electronic song that Jungkook dedicated to fans. The concept of this track is based on a "psychodramatic technique [called magic shop] in which the participant trades in their fears for happiness" - as explained in the teaser for Fake Love. Essentially, BTS's message to ARMY is that they can listen to their music when they feel sad and exchange those negative emotions for happiness. How true that is because music can be healing and lighten your mood!

8. Airplane Pt.2
In March, J-Hope dropped his first mixtape which includes "Airplane," a hip-hop track which details the story of his successful career. As a singer, his life includes traveling to all parts of the world to tour with fellow members. "Airplane Pt.2" expands on the story and involves all of the BTS members' stories. Jungkook's part says, "An odd kid. He sang as if he was breathing. Wherever was fine. He only wanted to do music." This refers to Jungkook's young self and his dreams. Likewise, RM's rap refers to how the members work even in their hotel rooms (by practicing and editing their music). 
As they sing about traveling from Cali to Italy, "Airplane pt.2" is made even more international by its Latin-infused sound. It was co-produced by Ali Tamposi, the same man who created Camilla Cabello's hit "Havana."

9-10. Anpanman, So What
The ninth track on the album is a playful, bouncy hip-hop anthem with a very tasteful use of autotune. I find "Anpanman" to be classic BTS because of the hip-hop, positive attitude, and high energy. Moreover, the mention of their name "Bangtan" in the lyrics reminds me of some of their songs from their rookie days, like "The Rise of Bangtan." 

The "Anpanman" that BTS is singing about is a character from a Japanese anime of the same name. He is dubbed "the weakest hero" because he protects and helps people despite not having any special powers. In the same way, BTS are "weak" heroes because they are regular people just like us who touch listeners' hearts with their music. They've come a long way but they assure us that they are still the same Bangtan.

With "So What," BTS venture back into the electronic-dance genre. RM also pays homage to old school rap with his verse "I don’t wanna die right now. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna fight right now." It refers to Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's 1998 hit '"It Takes Two" and plays nicely with the beat's rhythm. The main message of "So What" is to not focus too much on your worries. One line that really stood out to me was, "90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created. Just go instead of worrying Don’t get scared, cheer up."

11. Outro: Tear
Lastly, the outro is performed by the rap line-up and sums up the emotions that are felt after one realizes a love was fake: animosity, anger, and sadness. Before the three even begin rapping, the dark, dramatic instrumental makes you feel the pain that the song will convey. This instrumental actually samples from the Love Yourself Highlight Reel - which also had a painful ending. RM, Suga, and J-hope all spit fire and in some verses, they incorporate the new trap-style rapping that is sung with autotune. "Outro: Tear" is a bitter end to the album, the final cry, and last emotional release.

To summarize, "Love Yourself: Tear" is such a beautiful collection of songs that completely deserves it's number one spot on the Billboard Top 200! My top 5 songs would have to be: (1) Magic Shop (2) Fake Love (3) Paradise (4) Anpanman (5) The Truth Untold. I hope you enjoyed my first complete album review. Feel free to share your favorite tracks from Tear!

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Top 20 B-Sides by BTS

BTS is coming back later today with Love Yourself: Tear, and in my anticipation, I made a list of my favorite B-sides! For this list, I only considered the group's Korean albums (from debut to their latest album Love Yourself: Her), excluding any Japanese releases and solo mixtapes. Since the members of BTS often participate in the creation of their music, I find it significant to mention which members have done so on each song. (Note: I only named the BTS members who participated, but other composers and lyricists worked on these songs as well.) Overall, I have to say it was very hard to pick only 20 songs, and even harder to rank them! Writing this list made me even more aware of their musical growth these past 5 years. Enjoy the list below, and feel free to share your personal favorite BTS B-sides!

20. Coffee
Album: O!RUL82 (2013)
Genre: R&B, Hip-Hop
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, Suga, J-Hope
During the "O!RUL82?" era in their career, BTS still maintained their image as a hip-hop group. "Coffee" is a remake of the K-indie group Urban Zakapa's "Drinking Coffee" (2009), but BTS's version takes on a more urban genre. It is essentially a Starbucks ad, comparing a girl to a caramel macchiato, an espresso, and other caffeinated beverages! As sweet as this song sounds, however, there is bitterness in it's meaning. The girl they are referring to is an ex-girlfriend. So, the memories are sweet, but the reality is bitter.

19. Begin (Jungkook Solo)
Album: Wings (2016)
Genre: Electronic, Synth-pop
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM
The WINGS album has a very interesting arrangement - its tracklist is comprised mostly of solo songs. Each member has their own solo that portrays their personal thoughts and style. "Begin" is a ballad-like song performed by Jungkook that showcases his airy vocals. BTS's very own golden maknae sings about the encouragement and support that his "older brothers" have provided for him during the years they've spent together.

18. Move
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 (2015)
Genre: R&B, Rap
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, J-Hope, Suga
Throughout their career, BTS have lived together in different dorms relocating to better housing as their company's financial situation improved. In "Move," the group recalls back to when they were trainees and lived in a small apartment in Nonhyundong. As the story goes, RM was the first of the seven to join Bighit, followed by Suga and J-Hope (2010), Jungkook, Jin and V (2011), and finally Jimin (2012). Their story is even a little complicated as V was a "secret member" and the group experienced my line-up changes pre-debut. Either way, they've ended up as a fine group of seven! RM, J-Hope, and Suga use their rap to reminisce when they grew close sharing their hopes and dreams of becoming idols. They became attached to the blue wallpaper and blue veranda of their humble abode, but as the chorus reveals, BTS look forward to a new home.

17. 24/7=Heaven
Album: Dark & Wild (2014)
Genre: R&B, Pop
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, Suga, J-Hope
Judging by the album title "Dark & Wild," I expected the content to be very intense sounding - like full-fledged hip-hop or rock genres blended throughout. However, it turns out that the "dark and wild" concept is brought out in the emotions of the album rather than the genres because there are some mellow points. "24/7=Heaven" favors a lighthearted, groovy sound and talks about the butterflies-in-your-stomach on a first date! For me, this song was a hidden gem. I did not love it at the first listen, but later appreciated it after watching the live performance.

16. House of Cards (Full Length Edition)
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016)
Genre: Ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: N/A
There are times when BTS make songs as separate line-ups. "House of Cards" is performed by the vocal line-up - that is, Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin.  First, I'd like to mention the sheer musicality of it all. "House of Cards" heavily showcases the sounds of stringed instruments in such a haunting way that evokes the desperation of the lyrics. But the best "instruments" would have to be the voices, which croon perfect vocal harmonies. Even more, Jungkook performs scat after the first chorus. This type of improvised singing is typical to jazz and gives "House of Cards" more complexity. Now to mention the meaning of the song, which is based on a clever metaphor. An unstable relationship is likened to a house of cards - it's at risk of collapsing at any moment.

15. Butterfly
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 (2015)
Genre: Ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, Suga, J-Hope
"Butterfly" is quite the enchanting ballad. There are actually two versions of this song that I want to talk about. First, is the original version, performed by all the members. It features a more complete instrumental that is layered with acoustics and electronic-synths. The other version is called "Butterfly (The Prologue Mix)" which was included on the repackage HYYH series repackage "Young Forever." This mix is performed only by the vocal line-up. The composition is quite simple (it's void of many sounds that the former has) and that makes it even more haunting and sad.

14. Dimple (Illegal)
Album: Love Yourself: Her (2017)
Genre: Future Bass
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM
"Love Yourself: Her" intends to narrate the stories of "young adults who fall in love." Each song on the album seems to look at love from a different angle. The title track "DNA" describes fated love, while "Dimple"  is a mid-tempo track that describes budding love or physical attraction. Performed by the vocal line-up, "Dimple" talks about falling for a girl with cute dimples.

13. BTS Cypher Pt 4
Album: Wings (2016)
Genre: Rap
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, J-Hope, Suga
This is the fourth BTS Cypher and has a different feel from the previous three. Naturally, it is performed by the rap line-up (RM, J-Hope & Suga). "BTS Cypher 4" is a sharp retort to the hate that they'vs received during their career.  At times, BTS has been criticised for some ridiculous reasons and, because of this, the lyrics of the song are laced with sarcastic apologies.

12. Hold Me Tight
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 (2015)
Genre: R&B Ballad, Hip-Hop
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: V, RM, J-Hope, Suga
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life is BTS's second trilogy and is very different, but still similar to the previous (school trilogy). In this series, the group attempted more daring genre mixes and talked about love. Yet, they kept the same theme of youth, albeit more mature than school students. The title means the happiest moment in one young life. Yet, the trilogy ironically includes a lot of heartbreak. There are some highs, but most of the tracks describe emotional lows - "Hold Me Tight" being one of them.

11. Converse High
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 (2015)
Genre: R&B
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, J-Hope, Suga
It was mentioned before that RM's ideal type is a girl who wears t-shirts and converse highs - and this song, written by him, expresses his love for the classic style! Funny enough, while the other members celebrate Converse sneakers, Suga shows his preference for another shoe in his rap. "You look better with Jordan numbers. Ha, don’t you know? Converse kill your charms." Whatever your shoe preference, I really enjoy this fun, breezy track because it reminds me of BTS's school trilogy.

10. Tomorrow
Album: Skool Luv Affair (2014)
Genre: Synth-Pop
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: Suga, RM, J-Hope
"Skool Luv Affair" was the last part of their School Trilogy series, which was a project that tackled topics that apply to youth (i.e. school, bullying, plans for future career). I view "Tomorrow" as a song that encompasses what the young men of BTS stand for. It touches base on a societal issue and gives encouragement to its listeners. Essentially, a lot of young people are afraid of what lies in their future - and BTS assure us that they've felt the same way too.  But they remind us, "the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest" meaning that you may face obstacles before you succeed.

9. Let Me Know
Album: Dark &Wild (2014)
Genre: R&B, Synth Ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: Suga, RM, J-Hope
"Let Me Know" is one of my long-time favorites - I remember hearing it for the first time when it was released ahead of their first full album. Suga co-wrote and produced this song which he described as having a trance-like melody.

8. Best of Me
Album: Love Yourself: Her (2017)
Genre: EDM
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, Suga, J-Hope
When BTS went to the Billboard Music Awards in May 2017, they met and befriended American pop duo The Chainsmokers. This meeting later birthed a collaboration between the two as The Chainsmokers produced and co-wrote "The Best of Me" with BTS! "Best of Me" is a proclamation of love to someone who is undeniably their better half.  If you are familiar with the Chainsmokers, you'll hear their signature electronic style on this track (even though they don't make a vocal appearance in the song). I find that EDM can fall flat sometimes, but Bangtan surely brings the song to life. This the first time BTS (as a whole group) collaborated with an American act and it is well-done indeed.

7. GO GO
Album: Love Yourself: Her (2017)
Genre: Contemporary Hip-Hop w/ Tropical elements
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: N/A
"GO GO" is quite an interesting piece - for more than one reason! First, the mix of genres is very creative and unconventional. It's a bouncy hip-hop track with notes from a xylophone and flute. Secondly, the song is quite meaningful underneath it's fun, frivolous facade. BTS parody the materialism in our modern society and shine a light on how young people foolishly spend their money. Referring to GO GO, RM says, "...it’s about how our young generation is living their lives with low expectations and standards so people are upset with reality; they have little hope and there’s so much economic hardship. We wanted to say something about it and emphasize to the world that it’s not their choice, but a brutal reality that forces people to live and spend as if there’s no future."

6. Outro: Wings
Album: You Never Walk Alone (Wings Repack.) (2017)
Genre: Electro-pop
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM, J-Hope, Suga
This outro first appeared on "WINGS" as a minute-long interlude, but an extended version was later included on the repackage. "Outro: Wings" is such an uplifting end to a deep, dark, and reflective musical work. The song opens with a dramatic violin and piano arrangement, then becomes more exciting with beat drops and energy-filled raps.

5. Baepsae
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 (2015)
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM
Another one of the many socially conscious songs from BTS, "Baepsae" is an attack on the social inequality in our modern society. The term "baepsae" is translated as "crow tit," which is a type of small bird. In Korean, "crow tit" is used as a metaphor for a try-hard or an underprivileged person. BTS points out the inequity between the "crow tits" and the "silver spoons", or privileged. No matter how hard they work, crow tits may never find success because the odds are against them and in favor of the silver spoons. This could emanate BTS's own situation (at the time), as the group is from a small company that did not have the power and influence that other, bigger Korean Entertainment companies have.

4. Lost
Album: Wings (2016)
Genre: Synth-pop ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: RM
As we have seen in some of the previous items on this list (such as Tomorow and Baepsae), BTS like to talk about the dreams and struggles of youth. "Lost" expresses having a feeling of uncertainty about one's future - a topic that is relatable to many young people. Performed by the vocal line, "Lost" was co-written by RM and is based on a story that Hitman Bang once told him, "When ants head out somewhere to find food, they are usually in a huge disorderly mess. But when they return home, they will line up in a straight line." Therefore, RM wrote the lyrics with a positive perspective: those who become lost eventually find their path just as ants do.

3. Awake (Jin Solo)
Album: Wings (2016)
Genre: Ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: Jin, J-Hope, RM
"Awake" is Jin's solo song from "Wings".  As I mentioned when talking about Jungkook's "Begin", each solo has a message that each member wanted to convey. "Awake" is about accepting your own limitations, but still wanting to try your best. Your best may not seem as good as someone else's best, but it's the effort that counts and it's uniquely your own. This heartfelt confession is made even more compelling by the beautiful orchestral arrangement.

2. Dead Leaves
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 (2015)
Genre: Hip-Hop, Ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: Suga, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope
"Autumn Leaves" is a captivating hip-hop ballad that Suga composed using a sample of "Deadroses" by Blackbear. The lyrics use the autumn season as a metaphor for their current love life, much like how winter was used as a metaphorical reference in "Crystal Snow" and spring in "Spring Day". Essentially, in more poetic words, a dying relationship is compared to shriveling autumn leaves. "Dead Leaves" stands out to me, not only because of it's intense emotional buildup but also because of its atypical arrangement. Jungkook or Jimin typically open BTS songs, but Jin is the lead vocalist in this one.

1. Outro: Love is Not Over
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 (2015)
Genre: R&B Ballad
Credited with lyrics and/or composition: Jungkook, Jin
As the ending tune of "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 1," this is a short outro performed solely by the vocal line-up. A full version of the song with all the members was released later, however, I am more fond of the outro version! "Love is Not Over" is a sentimental r&b ballad, and with this, Jungkook took a part in composing for the first time. The lyrics easily move your heart: they admit that love is painful, but still refuse to give up on it.

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