Thursday, March 10, 2016

Playlist 3. Petrichor

Theme: Rain
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

I know that I've changed the style of my playlists a lot already, but soon I'll decide on the right format. The entire playlist is below.^^

1. 4minute - Cold Rain
4minute show their soft and delicate side in this song. In the MV, the members are dressed elegantly with coats and fur accessories. kinda reminds me of 'Missing You'. This might be the next edition of 'This or That?'

2. Taeyeon -  Rain
Many SNSD fans we're thrilled with the release if Taeyeon's 'I', and while this isn't of the same caliber, it's still a nice follow-up to her solo debut. The MV is slightly glittery and the song gets better after a few listens.

3. Girls' Generation - Let It Rain
I never paid much attention to SNSD's Japan releases, so i've been missing out. A lot of their Japanese music gives off a different vibe from their Korean releases.

4. BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Rain
It's nice that BTS can make upbeat music as well as chill tracks like this one. A large part of the song is rap by Rapmonster, Suga and J-hope. The vocal line-up sings a relaxed chorus in between. It's a good, laid-back song for ARMY's (fandom name) that need stress relief.

5. FEMM - Kiss The Rain
English ♥
Even though i'm not a fan of everything they do, FEMM has a pretty cool concept. Mannequin girls from Japan trying to take over the world, singing in English."An ocean in between us can never separate us, though we're a million miles apart..."

6. Jeon Minju, Yuna Kim - Goodbye Rain
Korean ♥
I loved this song from the first listen! Then later, I found out that these two girls debuted in a k-pop group last year (The Ark). It's a perfect combination of r&b and rap. A member from the boy group 'Bromance; is featured in the song too.

7. Ailee - Rainy Day
A go-to break up ballad. This song is more contemporary than her usual title-tracks with the same powerful vocals.

8. TVXQ - Everyday it Rains   
Part of TVXQ's latest release last year. No doubt this song (along w/ the rest of the album) thrilled fans because it was a treat before Max and U-Know's hiatus. The duo sings r&b and dance music as usual.

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