Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Artist Profiles~Popu Lady

Popu Lady meaning, "Popular Lady" is a five member idol group from Taiwan with Hongshi, Da Yuan, Bao'er, Tingshuan and Yushan. They have maintained a girl-next-door image until their reality show "Get Out Of Popu Lady" and 2015 comeback.

Girl Group

Popu Lady

Popu Lady urge us to find our happiness in a cute anthem for falling in love. They take on a sailor concept and throw hearts in a youthful manner. And to make sure you remember their name, the girls repeat "Popu" over and over!

'Keep Keep Loving' is a Mandarin remake of M2M's 'Pretty Boy'. The relaxing instrumental and Popu Lady's child-like vocals make the song seem like a sort of lullaby. The music video, with delicate visuals,  give off an air innocence and purity,

Popu Lady dropped the cutesy style for something more serious. They show a sophisticated side of themselves with a darker concept and edgier fashion. 'Gossip Girls' which samples from "The Four Little Swans" from Swan Lake, has electronic-pop elements.

Other Songs:
6. Popu OK繃


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