Saturday, June 11, 2016

Playlist 11. Love & Hate

Theme: Love & Hate
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

Hearts and X's. They're really opposites, but can there be a fine line between love and hate?

1. Miss A - Love Song
'Love Song' is definitely stimulating as it takes unexpected turns. Like when the bass drops, instead of more bass, we are graced with violin synths! Not to say the song is completely disjointed, but it does take a roller-coaster-like musical path. And that makes it a good listen!
Review: Song - 3.5/5 

2. 2NE1 - Hate You
'Hate You' is an in-your-face electronic pop song. CL dominates the repetitively looping chorus and Minzy, Dara and Bom sing the in-between verses. The music video is fully animated - 2NE1 become bounty hunters and catch a bad guy.
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 2/5

3. BY2 - Love You Love You 2020
Singapore's twin duo act is cute and quirky in this video that seems to emphasize the number twenty. Perhaps they turned twenty-years-old? Either way, it exudes youthfulness and is fun to dance to!
Review: Song - 3/5 MV - 2/5

4. Lucky J - No Love
After gaining popularity from Jessi's solo, Lucky J released their k-hip-hop sophomore single. It combines sounds from a folk string instrument with piano and melds it with r&b. This trio really compliments each other and they show themselves to be polished artists.
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 4/5

5. 4Minute - Hate
Ironically, I have a love-hate relationship with this song. 'Hate' produced by Skrillex, is a seamless follow-up to their last release 'Crazy'. It starts with soothing vocals from Gayoon and Hyuna's rap leads to the turning point - the drop. Then it breaks into an explosion of angry trumpets and violent bass. I feel like the producer patched together a ballad with EDM. The music video visuals switch from dramatic to fierce along with the song.
Review: Song - 3.5/5 MV - 4/5

6. Big Bang - Love Song
As mentioned in a previous post, 'Love Song' is raw Big Bang. There's no elaborate electronic synths or bass and that's fine! The song is simple and relaxed as well as the music video. The members wear black suits and express how much they 'hate this love song'.
Review: Song - 5/5 MV - 4/5

7. Ladies' Code - Hate You
The song opens with the mellow sounds of an acoustic guitar then speeds up with pop elements. The lyrics portray a toxic relationship that they can't leave. Ladies' Code's efforts to completely hate him are futile. 'I really hate you, but I love you.'
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 2.5/5

8. Ailee - I Love You, I Hate You
This is also about a relationship gone sour, Ailee apologizes to him in this slightly up-tempo ballad. There are soft vocals, and as usual, Ailee uses her powerhouse vocals for emotional intensity.
Review: Song - 2.5/5 

9. 4Minute- No Love
This r&b track is about hating an ex and the feeling of not wanting to fall in love ever again. It is really a platform for vocalists Gayoon and Jihyun, but we do get some rap from Hyuna and interjections from Jiyoon.
Review: Song - 3/5 

10. 2NE1 - I Love You
All love, no hate here! 'I Love You' has a crooning chorus and theme that is unlike 2NE1's usual ssenunni concept. At times it's sporadic, but the end result is a quality love song with an elegant music video to match.
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 3/5

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