Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Top Ssenunnis in K-pop

'Ssenunni', meaning 'tough sister' or 'strong sister' is a big contrast to the cutesy concepts in K-pop. Here are some girls who don't wait for oppa and become their own heroine.

1. Ailee
Ailee is a powerhouse vocalist known for her girl-power anthems. She exudes independence in "I'll Show You", "Don't Touch Me" and "Mind Your Own Business".

10. Jiyoon (4minute)
Jiyoon has been overshadowed by her unni Hyuna but gained more attention during 4minute's 'Crazy' era. She furthered her image on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 with her pen name Jenyer.

9. LE (Exid)
Most popular from being with EXID, LE was part of an underground group called the 'Jiggy Fellaz' before her debut.

8. Hyuna (4minute)
Hyuna is a pillar in her group and has established herself as a soloist.

7. Yezi (Fiestar)
Fiestar has been around for a few years, with little popularity until Yezi brought them out of the shadows. Her "Crazy Dog" appearance on Unpretty Rapstar 2 showcased her insane skills a rapper and had people wondering "Where as she been all this time?" She didn't win first on the show, but her rising popularity seemed to snatch the trophy anyway.

The winner of Unpretty Rapstar, Cheetah's bold charisma and lyrical fluidity captivated viewers.

5. Jessi (Lucky J)
Jessica Ho is a vocalist and rapper with a tough exterior. Her husky voice contrasts with other Korean female artists and she shows her versatility while still maintaining her signature style.

4. Lee Hyori
Rather than a tough image, Hyori has music that seems to bite at stereotypes of women. Often referred to as the "Nation's Fairy", she has her share of girl-empowerment hits, notably "U-Go-Girl" and "Miss Korea". As the oldest unni on this list, her career has been ongoing for over a decade and she proved her fierceness all along the way.

3. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)
Miryo showed her rapping skills in her works with Honey Family and in her solo projects. However, her strongest point is her songwriting ability, which she utilizes with Brown Eyed Girls and for other artists.

2. CL (2NE1)
Lee Chae-Rin, The Baddest Female, is the rapper and leader in 2NE1. The "female G-Dragon" in terms of swag, CL is definitely a style icon. Her charisma is explosive on stage and Gizibes are anticipating her upcoming American debut.

1. Yoon Mi-rae
Mi-Rae or Tasha Reid is the top ssenunni with veteran status and perhaps is the best Korean female rapper! Tasha is not really K-pop, but she does contribute to mainstream hallyu music. She sings ballads, r&b and is part of the hip-hop trio MFBTY. Also, Tasha always has the fiercest hairstyles!

Honorable Mentions
Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation)
Yubin (Wonder Girls)

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