Tuesday, February 14, 2017

K-Pop Songs That Are Commercials (CFs)

Did you know that some K-pop music videos are actually commercials that promote a company's product? Sometimes the product placement is rather obvious or hinted at in the song's lyrics. Other times, it's hard to even tell that the release is a paid endorsement! Here's some k-pop songs that are pushing a product towards you.

1. 2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music
Promotes: Yamaha "Fiore"
2NE1 are warped into a colorful Lego world and party with Fiore motorcycles! They sing to the DJ, telling him to keep the music pumping so everyone can dance till the morning.  It's such an addictive song with auto-tuned vocals and trendy flair. And I didn't notice at first, but 2NE1 sing "Fiore" at some parts, just in case you forget what the song is promoting. In the MV, we get to see loud outfits, smooth dance moves and the fun, friendly chemistry between CL and Minzy.

2. Mamamoo - Woo Hoo
Promotes: LG G5 & Friends (cell phone)
From the first second, Mamamoo serenade listeners with their enchanting vocals. In such fresh harmony, these girls express the excitement of finding someone special. Their charm and flirtatiousness is all captured in a one-take music video. The video caption describes it as a"medium-tempo, funky" song. Overall, I just love the summery/spring concept! "Woo Hoo" is only a commercial, but it's Mamamoo at their finest.

3. Orange Caramel - Abing Abing
Promotes: Baskin Robbins (Ice Cream)
Lizzy, Raina and Nana entice you to fall in love with all thirty-one flavors. They assure us that ice cream is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. And I agree, though the girls' delivery is overly saccharine! 'Abing Abing' advertises a specific ice cream called bing-soo, which is a Korean shaved ice dessert. Tasty!

4. SNSD & F(x) - Chocolate Love
Promotes: LG Chocolate (cell phone)
Both girl groups released a version of this song. Girls' Generation (SNSD) are elegant ladies who sing about their love for LG's chocolate phone. Their version of the song is retro-pop with a feminine charm. The music video is in a fancy venue and the members wear white outfits. On the other hand, f(x) take a darker approach to 'Chocolate Love' with the ever-so trendy electro-pop. Instead of white lace, f(x) wear black leather and are edgier.

5. NCT 127 - Taste The Feeling
Promotes: Coca Cola
NCT collaborated with Coca Cola and released a Korean version of 'Taste The Feeling'. Members Jaehyun, Taeil, Yuta and Haechan provided the vocals for this track but the entirety of NCT 127 is included in the music video. Each member is shown doing an activity, but they all fall short of success. Then, they take a sip from the iconic red bottle and get the drive and ability to succeed. Like most Coca Cola commercials, this MV makes sure viewers associate their soda with happiness, friendship and positivity.

6. Yuri X Seohyun - Secret
Promotes: Pantene hair care
What's the secret to Yuri's and Seohyun's fabulous hair? They tell us in this endorsement for Pantene hair products, which is complete with silky tresses and slow-motion hair flips. 'Secret' is a dance song that has European-pop elements. The whispered chorus is backed by a heavy electronic bass. It is very chic and is paired with an equally cool video. Yuri and Seohyun dance beside each other and pose on fancy motorcycles and cars.

7. 2NE1 - Be Mine
Promotes: Intel 'Make Thumb Noise' Project
'Be Mine' is a laid back, medium-tempo song that shows the best of all the members' vocals. It is about a girl's confession to her long-time crush and desire to finally start a relationship. In the music video, 2NE1 show their technical savvy, as it is a promotion for a computer processor company. Laptops are shown throughout, and on their screens are with behind the scenes clips of 2NE1.

8. Girl's Day - Hello Bubble
Promotes: MISE EN SCENE  Hair Color Products
'Hello Bubble' is a rather short but fun promo song. It's normal for Girl's Day to switch between cute and sultry concepts, and for this release they went with the former. The music video shows the girls as they get ready for a date. They sport quirky, colorful clothes and show off their trendy styled hair, as it's an endorsement for hair dye.

9. Girls' Generation - Visual Dreams
Promotes: Intel Core
Girls' Generation get technical in 'Visual Dreams' to promote Intel Core computer-processors. It's a bouncy, fun synth-pop track with quite a bit of English in the lyrics. The music video is basic, but entertaining with plenty of colorful special effects!

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