Tuesday, February 21, 2017

January 2017 In Music

In January, a few artists whom I was waiting for made a comeback. Including Jessi, whose last release was a single in March 2016 and 2NE1 whose were on hiatus since 2014. Here are my favorite songs that came out in  January.

1. Meng Jia - Who's That Girl
Released: January 3rd
Chinese singer and rapper, Meng Jia (孟佳), released her second single since her solo debut. You may know Jia as a former member of k-pop group Miss A, but now she is standing alone and establishing her personal music style. 'Who's That Girl (她是谁)' is a medium-tempo pop ballad that reflects a girl's identity crisis as she looks in the mirror. The song has a catchy chorus and relatable vibe.
Review Song - 5/5 MV - 4.5/5

2.  NCT 127 - Limitless
Released: January 6th
'Limitless' is the lead single from NCT 127's second mini-album of the same name. It has been described as "urban r&b" and features the rookie group's amazing vocal harmonies. There are two music videos: the rough version and the performance version, the former of which I found bizarre. However, the latter is impeccable and boasts NCT's razor-sharp dance moves!
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 5/5

4. BY2 - Peach Blossom Cheongsam
Released:  January 12th
BY2 ditched their trendy electro-pop style for a traditional aesthetic and sound. The twins are feminine and poetic as they dance in floral qipaos with wax parasols. All the details make the music video artistic and intriguing. There is paintbrush imagery that alludes to ancient Chinese art, cherry blossoms and kaleidoscope effects. The song, which utilizes traditional Chinese instruments and opera singing, still has a modern twist.
Review: Song - 3/5 MV - 4/5

5. Seohyun - Don't Say No
Released: January 16th
The Girls' Generation maknae made her solo debut with a mini album and single. In 'Don't Say No' Seohyun is begging for her man to come back with a pop/r&b tune. The music video visuals are kind of odd: she wears artsy-glam outfits and cooks up some frightening recipes. But, Seohyun makes everything better by throwing glitter in the air!
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 3/5

5. 2NE1 - Goodbye
Released: January 20th
"Goodbye" is 2NE1's last single as a group. The members (excluding Minzy) released this farewell a few months after their disbandment. There are few ballads in 2NE1's discography, but each of them has stellar musicality. "Goodbye" is a few steps lower than the groups earlier ballads, but still a nice listen. It has an acoustic production and features mournful lyrics written by the group member, CL.
Review: Song - 3.5/5 MV - 4/5

6. Jessi - Don't Make Me Cry
Released January 22nd
Jessi's soulful voice, combined with her ability to bring out strong emotions in music, makes any song she sings, amazing. "Don't make Me Cry" is a song about a potential break-up. The cracks in the couple's relationship are getting too big and the singer is heartbroken. "Don't make me cry. Don't do me wrong." But at the end of the video, the inevitable happens: they break-up.
Review: Song - 4.5/5 MV - 3/5

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