Wednesday, November 30, 2016

J-pop Girl Groups

Here's a list with a few of the many popular Japanese girl groups.

1. Morning Musume
Debut: 1997
Members: It Varies
Morning Musume has continuous line-up changes in which new, younger members are added each "generation" to replace the members that grow up. The group's name means "morning girls" or "morning daughters" and their theme is a young girl's virtue.

1.  The Cold Wind and Lonely Love (冷たい風と片思い)
2. Selfish, Easygoing, Jokes of Love
(わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク)
3. No One Can Replace You (君の代わりは居やしない)

2. Perfume
Debut: 2000
Members: 3
Perfume primarily makes electro-pop music and is known for their artificial sound. Despite having vocal talent, they heavily use auto-tune and vocoders. Often, their electronic songs are paired with a colorful, geometric music video.

1. Pick Me Up
3. 1mm

3. Dream
Debut: 2000
Members: 4
Is part of the collective girl group E-Girls along with sister girl groups Happiness and Flower. The group has has several line-up changes since their debut and has four members as of 2013.

1. Darling (ダーリン)
2. Only You
3. Konna Ni Mo (こんなにも)

4. AKB48
Debut: 2005
Members: It Varies
AKB48's concept is "idols you can meet" and the group has their own theater. "AKB" comes from Akihabara, the area in Tokyo which the group originated, and "48" is how many members the group was initially supposed to have.

2. Kimi Wa Melody (君はメロディー)
3. Kuchibiru Ni Be My Baby

5. Scandal
Debut: 2006
Members: 4
Not a group, but more of a band, Scandal was formed from four high-school girls who were noticed by a record company from their street performances. They have performed theme songs for many anime shows including: Shoujo S, Bleach and Pokemon.

1. Departure
2. Take Me Out ( テイクミーアウト)
3. Love Me Do

6. Happiness
Debut: 2008
Members: 7
The members originated as Exile's (Jpop boy group) back-up dancers. They debuted with 
the single "Happy Talk" which was used as a CM theme for Mister Donuts.

1. Juicy Love
2. Seek A Light
3. Ordinary Girls

7. Momoiro Clover Z
Debut: 2008
Members: 5
Momoiro Clover Z are like a group of power rangers because each member has a official color and their performances often include energetic action moves. They are well-known for creating the intro themes of anime including Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z.

2. Neo Stargate
3. Get Down!

8. Flower
Debut: 2009
Members: 6
Flower is a dance and vocal unit of E-Girls. The members were chosen through a talent contest titled "Exile Presents Vocal Battle Audition 3".

1. Sayonara, Alice (さよなら、アリス)
2. Akikaze No Answer
3. Yasashisa de Afureru You Ni ( やさしさで溢れるように)

Debut: 2013
Faky are an edgy, trendy girl group whose message for girls is, "Do what they want, the way they want." Their name is a combination of the words "fantastic" and "Tokyo". It is also a play on the word "fake" as their goal is to bring fresh realness to the Japanese music scene.

1. You
2. Are You Ok?
3. Girl Digger

10. Juice=Juice
Debut: 2013
Members: 5
The name Juice=Juice exudes freshness and personality. Each member has assigned color and fruit: grape (purple), yellow (lemon), orange, melon (green), apple (red) and peach (pink).

1. Romance is on Its Way (ロマンスの途中)
2. Blown By The Wind (風に吹かれて)
3. My Life is Not Just For Show

11. Color-Code
Debut: 2013
Members: 3
Color-Code was created by a Italian-Japanese fashion director. The group members were selected in Pop Icon Project Tokyo auditions to find a Japanese Lady Gaga.

2. Hands Up!
3. Break Our Love

12. Cherrsee
Debut: 2016
Members: 5
Formed by the famous K-pop producer Brave Brothers, Cherrsee received help from Kpop girl group AOA. The groups name is a play on the words "cherry seeds" and there are four Japanese members and a Thai member.

1. Mystery
2. Shiroi Shirts (白いシャツ)
3. SURISURI MASURI (Dance Practice)

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