Friday, December 9, 2016

K-pop MVs With Dark Aesthetic

Colors can invoke strong emotions on people. In K-pop videos, color schemes and aesthetics are used to give a certain vibe and make viewers feel a certain way. It's done so in a way that complements the meaning and sound of the song. Dark aesthetics are mainly used in videos to express seriousness, sadness and heartbreak. Here are some music videos with dark visuals. Which is your favorite and any that weren't included?

1. Ailee - Home

Ailee has a musical breakthrough with her newest track. Normally, she shows off her loud vocals, which are impressive, but her performance in Home shows that sometimes less is more. The track is r&b with a polished sound and subdued vocals. The lyrics, contrary to the songstress' typical "I don't need you" attitude, express her regret after a breakup. She just wants her former beau to come back home.
This is Ailee's first music video with such dark vulnerability. In the beginning, she is portrayed as sleeping beauty and looks at herself in a beauty-telling mirror. Then in another scene she is laying in a antique bed as if she's waiting for someone to wake her up. The person she is waiting for never comes, so another version of herself appears. I suppose this scene means that Ailee realizes she needs to take the initiative to get him back instead of silently hoping he'll return.
Positives: Catchy song, amazing vocals, Yoon Mirae's rap
Negatives: personally, I thought the dance break was a little awkward.

2. Rainbow - Black Swan

Black Swan is a serious, desperate song that expresses how being alone can drive a person crazy. The music video has a psychological thriller theme, in that the members of Rainbow are exposed to danger on a mental level; in this case loneliness.
The music video is all black and white, and Rainbow are dressed in  black-lace ballroom-esque outfits. At the opening and closing of the song, there is a vintage piano riff which makes me think of ballerinas.
Positives: Great, unique song
Negatives: Not a fan of the risque dance or outfits. I'd rather them dress classy and dance like ballerinas.

3. Jessi - Excessive Love

Sometimes you can love person so much that is suffocates them. In Excessive Love, Jessi sings of a past love that haunts her. Throughout the video, Jessi stands by a window, walks through eerie hallways and sings in front of a backdrop of twilight woods. At one part in the lyrics, love is compared to a war and that is reflected in the music video with burning and shattering objects. The visuals are mainly monochromatic, but the flames and roses that burn are in full color.
Positives: It's nice to hear and see Jessi without her tough persona.
Negatives: None

4. Ikon - Apology

Apology is about lies and broken promises. The speakers of the song deceived, neglected and failed to protect her so they are apologizing. It starts with an incriminating piano fill and everything throughout reflects regret and sincerity. Ikon are sincerely apologizing. They'd rather let her go so she won't get hurt by them again. The music video matches nicely and is like a compilation of the most climactic, emotional scenes of tv dramas.
Positives: Nice vocals from all the singers, and the rap from Bobby and B.I. are a contrasting element.
Negative: None

5. Song Ji-Eun - Don't Look At Me Like That

Don't Look At Me Like That is a Romeo and Juliet story. It talks about a love that is looked on with criticizing eyes. It reminds me of how in tv dramas, a girl and boy are in love, but the girl is treated coldly by society because she is poor and he is rich. I noticed that the music video focuses on mistreatment. When people are judged by others, it feels as if people are trying to take away their freedom. Ji-Eun is treated like an object and is bid on by rich people with masks. They pet her like an animal as if trying to feel the worth of her as a product. Naturally, with a theme like this, the visuals will be dark.
Positives: Beautiful song, could easily be an OST for a K-Drama.
Negatives: This isn't a negative (just my opinion), but the song outshines the video by far.

6. High4 - D.O.A (Dead or Alive)

D.O.A. is about dangerous love that drives a person crazy. With desperate vocals the members sing about falling into a poisonous relationship. This is reflected in a scene where a member is embraced by the creepy-looking hands of a woman. Clearly, she's bad news but the heart wants what it wants, The music video is a complete emotional wreck with scenes of broken mirrors, dark rooms and foggy air.
Positives: The members are talented and the each have a nice vocal color, otherwise I probably wouldn't like this song.
Negatives: Generic song sound-wise.

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