Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Artist Profiles~ I.O.I

I.O.I, meaning "Ideal of Idol" is a project k-pop group that was formed on the reality TV show 'Produce 101'. The eleven members were chosen from 101 trainees of various record companies. The members, many of whom are in other k-pop groups, will go back to their companies when I.O.I disbands in January 2017.
Girl Group

"Dream Girls" was intended to be reminiscent of Girls' Generation's "Into The New World". It has a classic sports-themed/school girl music video that most girl groups do at least once. The best part of I.O.I's debut song is the lyrics. Rather than a sappy love song (which is nice, but overdone) the message is to confidently chase your dreams and never quit.

I.O.I. debuted their first sub-unit of eight members with a remake of the 1963 track "What A Man" by Linda Lyndell. It is the edgiest the group has ever been and the song is a platform for their strong vocals! Chung-ha, the main dancer, made the choreography for the song and the music video features leather outfits and a lot of sass.

JYP of JYP Entertainment collaborated with I.O.I for this track. It's playful, with a very fast rhythm and childish charm. The lyrics describe a girl trying to tell if a boy really likes her and how to cautiously approach a relationship. This is I.O.I last release before their disbandment and they really go out with a bang. Due to the over-repetitive chorus, you won't forget this song for a while!

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