Saturday, October 22, 2016

This or That? {5th Edition}

Ever hear a song that reminds you of another? This is a friendly comparison of videos and songs with similar genres, concepts and themes.

Red Velvet Russian Roulette v. I.O.I Very Very Very

Red Velvet released Russian Roulette which is super-catchy, playful and somewhat robotic. This sugary synth-pop song is paired with a sweet and sour music video. The girls are dolled up and look so endearing, but as you watch you soon realize they're trying to harm each other. Yikes.
About a month later, I.O.I dropped 'Very Very Very' which is just as fun and catchy. Both songs are repetitive and playful, but the real similarities are in the music videos which share the same concept. They both have a sports theme, bizarre scenes and similar styling.

My Choice: I prefer 'Very Very Very' because the vocals have more emotion and the music video doesn't have dark undertones like Russian Roulette. Both are great though!

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