Sunday, August 21, 2016

Visual: Female Idols in Suits

These female idols show that pantsuits aren't only for men. Clad in lapels and trousers, these girls are stylish and sophisticated.
1. Red Velvet 'Be Natural'

Red Velvet pairs a classic outfit with a classic song. 'Be Natural', which is remake of the 2000 song by S.E.S, matches the sophistication and smoothness of a tailored pantsuit.

2. Brave Girls 'Nowadays You'

Brave Girls sport a masculine concept while singing about how they tried to be independent from their boyfriend. This version isn't to be confused with the new Brave Girls, which has a different member line-up.

3. Kara 'Damaged Lady'

After going through a rough break-up, the Kara Members are 'damaged ladies'. Perhaps wearing a suit makes them feel invulnerable. Either way, it looks mature and glamorous!

4. Girls' Generation 'Mr Mr'

Girls' Generation aren't especially trying to be sophisticated or masculine, rather they're wearing suits because it matches the overall them of 'Mr Mr'. During the dance break, the nine women bust out their moves in jeans and a tailored jacket.

5. Lee Hi 'My Star'

The most feminine feature on this list is Lee Hi's pretty pink outfit. It goes perfectly with the retro, jazzy tune.

6. 2NE1 'Can't Nobody'

Minzy is the only member suited up for this music video. 'Can't Nobody' is a ego-trip/self-empowerment track and the maknae's fierce tuxedo was the right choice!

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