Thursday, September 1, 2016

Artist Profiles~Girls' Generation

Girl's Generation, also known as Sonyeo Sidae (SNSD), is perhaps Korea's top girl group. Their career stretches back 9 years and they keep a good-girl image (with an occasional sassy song). SNSD went from 9 to 8 members in 2014 when Jessica Jung left, however, they've maintained their popularity.
Girl Group

Girl's Generation (SNSD, SoShi)

'Lion Heart' is a retro-pop track about a girl that falls in love with a playboy. He has a wandering heart so she tries to tame him like a lion. In the music video, a lion-man pursues the hearts of each SNSD member behind their backs and gets caught cheating!'ll have to watch it yourself! The entire thing is true Girl's Generation. And from what I can tell, it was just as popular with international fans as Korean fans.

This is another retro-influenced jukebox jam. 'Dancing Queen' is actually a remake of Duffy's 'Mercy' with lyrics written by members Tiffany and Jessica. The video is reminiscent of 'Gee' because they all wearing colored skinny jeans and then one scene hints at a later release when Sooyoung says 'ayo gg'.(from I Got A Boy released a year later). 

With scratchy electronic synths and bass, 'Mr. Mr' is perfect for dancing. It's not cutesy like their typical music, but there's still slivers of the classic SNSD in there. Mainly because of the catchy, repetitive chorus. My favorite part is the music video, which has a dark doctor theme. The visuals are overrun with the color pink and SNSD's 'Mister' gets a heart transplant.

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