Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Playlist 13. Pretty

Theme: Beauty
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite

Self-confidence songs about beauty (and inner beauty)!

1. Ladies' Code - Pretty Pretty
There's a fine line between self-confidence and over-confidence. This funky song by Ladies' Code is arguably a bit of both. Basically, they know that they're attractive and don't hesitate to say so! Don't worry though, these girls know that appearances aren't everything, and mention "And my personality is cool too!"
Review: Song - 3/5 MV - 2.5/5

2. F(x) - Pretty Girl
'Pretty Girl' by f(x) is a bubblegum pop/soft rock hybrid from the group's 2nd album 'Pink Tape'. On the surface, if you don't understand Korean, you may think that this song is just praising a girl's physical appearance. However, it's really an anthem for those who are overshadowed by other's beauty. 'Pretty Girl' bites at the beauty standards for women and points out that prettiness isn't everything. 
Review: Song - 4/5 

3. Brave Girls - High Heels
Brave Girls strut around in high heels that make them feel confident. This song is upbeat and fun, like many songs produced by Brave Brothers. Though it's not the best outlet for the member's vocals (they can sing very well!), it's empowering! "I'm a sassy girl! I'm a tough girl! I'm a pretty girl! I'm a foxy girl."
Review: Song - 2.5/5 MV - 2/5

4. Girls' Generation - Check
SNSD are sultry and sing smoothly about getting stylish for their man. Listening to this, I get strong 2000's r&b vibes. What's more, I can almost imagine Britney Spears singing this because it sounds like her style! 'Check' isn't a title track, but in my opinion, it's one of Girls' Generation's strongest releases and is a nice contrast to their usually bubbly concept.
Review: Song - 4/5 

5. Orange Caramel - Lipstick
This comical trio introduces a new shade of lipstick- orange caramel flavored! The song's sound is a mix of saxophone beats and Korean trot, and it's lyrics describe a flirty girl swooning over a man. Like always, the girls of Orange Caramel are coy and cutesy. In the MV they completely fall for a handsome tennis player.
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 3.5/5

6. Happiness - Sexy, Young, Beautiful
'Happiness celebrates young women in this Japanese pop track over-run with English.It's different from any J-pop that I have listened to, but not unfamiliar. To give you an idea, the visuals are similar to SNSD's 'I Got A Boy' and the sound is like the style of British Girl Group 'Little Mix'. The dancing and fashion aren't my taste, but I must admit this isn't half bad.
Review: Song - 3.5/5 MV - 3/5

7. CLC - High Heels
Similar to Brave Girl's track of the same title, it's about putting on shoes that make you feel good. The cute concept is all too familiar to me, but this is the group's first release with new members Elkie and Eunbin.
Review: Song - 2/5 MV - 3/5

8. Breeze - Pretty
Breeze is a girl-group from Taiwan that mixes fashion with music. There's not much information on them but from their debut song 'pretty', I can tell they have an attractive image. This K-pop style music video is colorful and the members are clad in fashionable outfits.
Review: Song - 4/5 MV - 4/5

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