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Female Soloists in C-pop (Pt 2)

Here are some more of the many current female Mando-pop artists. These acts are popular in China, Tawain and/or the Mandarin speaking world. See also: Female Soloists in C-pop (Pt 1)

1. Jolin Tsai
蔡依林 Cai Yi Lin
Fondly dubbed the "Queen of C-pop", Jolin Tsai is a singer and dancer who is credited with bringing mainstream popularity to the dance genre in China. Her latest studio album, "Play" tries a mix of dubstep, dancehall and bubblegum pop. Through her music, videos and fashion choices Jolin Tsai makes strong artistic statements.

Notable Works (Albums and Singles)
The Great Artist (大藝術家), Myself, Journey

The Great Artist (大藝術家)


OSTs/Promotional Singles

Now Is The Time [Pepsi Promotion]

2. Shi Shi
孫盛希 Sun Sheng Xi
Shi Shi is racially Chinese but was born in Korea. She moved to Taiwan to become a singer and in 2014 released her debut album "Girls" under Rock Records Taipei. Much of her discography is comprised of OSTs for Taiwanese television shows including "The V-Focus" and "Behind Your Smile".

Notable Works
Girls, A Late Goodnight (很晚的晚安), Between

Let's Talk About Love (非關愛情)

A Late Goodnight (很晚的晚安)


He isn't Worth It (是他不配) [Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑)]

3. Elva Hsiao
萧亚轩 Xiao Ya Xuan
Elva Hsiao debuted in 1999 with a self-titled album. Early in her career, she was known for her ballads, such as "The Most Familiar Stranger". Later on, she became more known for having upbeat dance tracks like "Miss Elva".

Notable Works
Miss Elva (潇洒小姐), Shut Up and Kiss Me (不解释亲吻), I'm Ready(我爱我)

Super Girl (愛無畏)

  Miss Elva (瀟灑小姐)


Thunder of Love (天雷地火) [The Amazing Spiderman 2]

4. Genie Chuo
卓文萱 Zhou Wen Xuan
Genie Chuo debuted in 2001 at 15 years old with her first studio album "1986". Since then she has released 5 more full albums and has acted in Taiwanese TV dramas such as "Romantic Princess" and "Rolling Love".

Notable Works
My Favorite Kind Of Geniie (超級喜歡), Burning Sense Of Music (灼樂感), Just The Way I Am (反正 卓文萱)

Dark Horse (黑馬)


Don't Want Don't Want (不要不要) [Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝)]

5. Momo Wu
吴莫愁 Wu Mouchou
Momo Wu became popular after competing on and becoming the runner-up of "The Voice of China". She has a unique quirky style and soulful vocal color that is comparable to that of Kimbra, Duffy and Amy Winehouse.

Notable Works
Close To Infinity (接近无限), Why Not (有何不可), Everywhere (无所不在)

Not Love (不是愛)

OSTs/Promotional Songs

Live For Now [Pepsi Promotion]

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