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Female Soloists In C-pop (Pt 1)

There are numerous female soloists in the world of C-pop. Here is a list of a few currently popular Mando-pop singers who I listen to.  They are based are based in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Each item on the list contains facts about the singer, songs, and official sound tracks. Anticipate more in the upcoming parts of this series!

1. Jane Zhang
张靓颖 Zhang Liang Ying
A renowned singer in Mainland China and in the Mandarin-speaking world, Jane Zhang gained fame for her appearance on the singing competition show "Super Girl". She earned the nickname "Dolphin Princess" for whistle vocal register. The majority of Jane Zhang's music is in Mandarin, but she does have some English singles including "Dream It Possible" and "Dust My Shoulders Off". 

Notable Works (Albums & Singles)
Reform(改变), Seventh Sense(第七感), Dust My Shoulders Off


OSTs/Promotional Songs

My Dream (我的夢) [Huawei Theme]

2.  A-Lin
黄丽玲 Huang Li Ling
A-Lin is a vocal powerhouse of Amis, or Aboriginal Taiwanese descent. She made her debut in 2006 and since then has released 4 full albums and an extended play. In 2015, she competed on the Chinese show "I Am A Singer" which earned her more recognition. 

Notable Works
Guilt (罪惡感), Happiness Then What? (幸福了然後呢), Fleeting Happiness (幸福太短)

All In


How Far I'll Go (海洋之心) [Moana OST]

3. G.E.M
邓紫棋 Deng Zi Qi
Chinese (Hong Kong)
G.E.M. Tang, whose stage name means "Get Everybody Moving" is a Chinese singer who originated from Hong Kong. She is known for writing her own music: songs that express deep emotions and strong messages. Her latest studio album, Heartbeat, is a visual album in which every track is accompanied by a music video. 

Notable Works
Intoxicated (你把我灌醉), Heartbeat (新的心跳), Live Piano Session

Goodbye (再見)


Light Years Away (光年之外) [Passengers Movie Theme]

4. Angela Zhang
张韶涵 Zhang Shao Han
Angela Zhang rose to fame after playing the main role in two hit Taiwanese television dramas. Soon after, in 2004 she released her debut album "Over The Rainbow".

Notable Works
Angela Zhang(张韶涵), Visible Wings(有形的翅膀), Head Over Heels (全面淪陷)

Not Afraid (不害怕)


Be My Faith (把你信仰) [Find The Adventure Of Love 尋找愛的冒險]

5. Diana Wang
王诗安 Wang Shi An
Diana Wang was born in the Netherlands but is now based in Taiwan. Her debut album "How Are You? Love Lesson" explores the nature of love and contains a cover of British singer Birdy's hit single "Skinny Love". More recently, Diana Wang has gained attention for her collaboration with R-Chord in " Love Doesn't Need To Pretend" and her English single "Home".

Notable Works
Home, I don't Know, 你好嗎 Love Lesson


I Don't Know


Love Still Exists (爱存在) [Ultimate Dormitory X (终极X宿舍)]

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