Friday, June 23, 2017

Top K-pop Albums {Free Somebody by Luna}

Released: May 2016
1. Free Somebody 2. Breathe 3. Keep On Doin' 4. I Wish 5. Galaxy 6. My Medicine

Luna, the main vocalist of girl group f(x), made her solo debut with a mini-album of 6 songs. She went solo in the truest sense and, very commendably, carried this album completely by herself. No other artists are featured on the album. And what's more is, Luna wrote and composed two songs ('I Wish' and 'My Medicine' herself. 'Free Somebody' explores the electronic genre and has an overall theme of self-empowerment. It includes both upbeat dance songs and sentimental ballads for listeners of either preference. I'll only talk about my top three, but the entire album is definitely worth a listen!

1. Free Somebody

The title track of the album is a funky electro-house song that was co-composed by the American singer Jojo. It is full of electronic synths and keyboard chords which make it a perfect hybrid of modern and retro. 'Free Somebody' is about wanting to share someone's dreams with the world. The liberating lyrics are paired well with the fun dance beat and Luna's vocal charms.

In the music video, Luna meets a handsome stranger in the elevator which then triggers a series of psychedelic events. She is plunged to and from an animated world, enjoying herself and dancing all throughout. There are many curious things happening, which probably aren't meant to be understood. Either way, I like how the scenes of chromatic film and cartoon transition smoothly.

2. Keep On Doin'

Luna wants you to "keep on doin' what you do". She sings for you to "color yourself with your own this black and white world". While encouraging you to be uniquely yourself, Luna dances to the beat of her own drum in a sense. 'Keep On Doin'' takes you to a party in outer space with its unusual sound. It opens with a warped, synthesized intro, then bounces into a slick beat. Later in the song, there is "rap" break that has f(x) written all over it. It's weird but also very daring and brilliant!

3. Galaxy

'Galaxy' has a Euro-pop influence and showcases the powerful vocals that we enjoy in f(x)'s music.  It has a more conventional sound than the previously mentioned dance tracks on the album. I love the path that the song takes, the climax and points of intensity.

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