Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This or That? {9th Edition}

Ever hear a song that reminds you of another? This is a friendly comparison of videos and songs with similar genres, concepts, and themes.

Chungha Why Don't You Know v. Taeyeon Why

'Why Don't You Know (Ft. Nucksal)' marks the official solo debut of former I.O.I member Chungha. The song, which boasts fun summer vibes, is tropical house with indie influences. It opens with guitar riffs and maintains a light EDM bounce throughout. All of this is paired with an indie-influenced music video in which Chunga shows off her moves under the sun. Perhaps the highlight of the whole release is the captivating nature aesthetic. Fantasy scenes of blue skies that double as water, dolphins, and flowers make up most of the backdrop setting.

'Why' captures the fun of summer in a similar fashion. Like the former, 'Why' is a tropical house song with guitar and EDM in the instrumental. Taeyeon shows the same sun-loving attitude as Chungha while playing around outdoors.

Taeyeon - Why

My Choice:
Chungha's music video is definitely perfect for the summer and I'll say it was more visually pleasing than 'Why'. However, the song has some shortcomings. At times it seems Chungha is straining or trying to sing out of her vocal range, which isn't a pleasant sound. Plus, I thought Nucksal's rap was very unnecessary and interrupted the flow of the song. Taeyeon's vocals in 'Why' and the flow of the track is more appealing to me so I choose 'Why'.

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