Friday, April 8, 2016

Playlist 8. Pretty Rapstars

Theme: Unpretty Rapstar
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

Songs by contestants from the rap survivor show Unpretty Rapstar, seasons 1 and 2. I included a link to the English translation of the lyrics if the video has none. (The song's lyrics are clean.) Enjoy!

1. Gilme - Success (Don't Kill My Vibe)
Korean ♥
Gilme gives us a hip-hop heavy track that's better called K-rap than K-pop. In her lyrics, she expresses herself as misunderstood and tells how people try to control her. "Don't kill my vibe!" Lyrics

2. Kitti B - Doin' Good (Feat. Verbal Jint)
Korean ♥
'Doin' Good' is about how a girl is successful after breaking up with an abusive boyfriend. This quality track deserves more attention as it empowers girls' self-reliance. The MV shows some domestic violence, so here's the audio if you prefer not to watch. Lyrics

3. Cheetah - My Number
Groovy and hip-hop-y at the same time. Cheetah gives us a more commercial rap song rather than her signature flow. The lyrics are somewhat lazy, which reflect Cheetah's annoyance at boys asking for her number.

4. Yezi - Sse Sse Sse 
Korean ♥
Yezi collaborated with Kittib, Ahn Soomin and Gilme - and the result is fire! Somehow their verses contrast nicely instead of clashing. The "clap clap clap" matches the heavy-hitting lyrics!

5. Jessi - Sssenunni
Korean ♥
"You think you flowsik, but my flow more sicker!" Like I mentioned here, this isn't a lyrical masterpiece, but good nonetheless!

6. Yezi - Cider
Korean ♥
By 'Cider', I think Yezi means tough and gritty-which could definitely describe her. She delivered the song well and the MV seems to be a reference to her time on Unpretty Rapstar.

7. Tymee - Super Flower
The rap starts off chill, intensifies then breaks into a nice chorus. Supposedly, Tymee wrote "Super Flower" after forgetting her lyrics on Show Me The Money 3. This is empowerment after facing an obstacle. Lyrics

8. Adoonga - Feedback 
A lot of rappers were squeezed into this song; Jace, Kisum, Lil Cham and Bora. I don't know who Adoonga is, or how this collab came about, but it gives each rapper a time to shine.

9. Kisum - You And Me (Feat Jooyoung)
Korean ♥
Kisum is the queen of cutesy swag. The song is about a girl hopelessly stuck on a boy. The video has a high-school-girl-innocence that isn't forced. The MV is dreamy and charming, I like it.

10. Jace - Not Enough (Feat. Kisum)
Jace is on this list for the second time and Kisum for a third. The lyrics criticize gold-diggers who are never satisfied. Lyrics