Sunday, April 10, 2016

Artist Profiles~G.E.M

G.E.M. is a Chinese singer-songwriter who switches between pop, ballad and rock genres. She is known for her powerful voice and always delivers quality music.

Female Soloist

(Gloria Tang) G.E.M.

'New Heartbeat' is a pop track with the sentiment of a ballad, and is somewhat like a Kelly Clarkson song. It's an up-building anthem for people who stand out and the video is really sweet. I like that G.E.M. includes different races of people with various interests.

2. Blindspot
This song is also from her new album 'Heartbeat'. In the lyrics G.E.M. regrets not seeing all his good qualities, they were in her blind spot. It's honest, and in my opinion one of Gem's best. The music video is pretty stunning too.

An older song from 2009, Gem sings in Cantonese. Say what you want, I don't care - is the gist. It's a jab at the media and I can't blame her! Especially after seeing the annoying paparazzi in the video.

Other Songs:

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