Friday, February 5, 2016

This or That? {1st Edition}

Ever hear a song that reminds you of another? This is a friendly comparison of videos and songs with similar genres, concepts and themes.

Orange Caramel Aing v. Cocosori Dark Circles


Orange Caramel is known for their odd but amusing songs like Aing. It's a sweet bubblegum pop tune about a girl liking a boy. In the MV the girls dance around in plastic cosplay outfits. But new girl Duo Cocosori proves they can be just as weird and charming! The pair dances to "Dark Circle" (also) wearing plastic-y dresses, interacts with a broccoli-man (yes, a broccoli man) and sing about getting bags under their eyes. Both songs are in upbeat trot with kitschy music videos!

My Choice: OC is one of my favorite girl groups,  but i'll have to choose Cocosori!

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