Thursday, February 4, 2016

Playlist 1.Love & Hate

Theme: Love and Hate
Songs with a [♥] are my preference/a personal favorite.

Korean ♥
Rather than the lyrics, the music makes this song.This was the second best song of "Colors".
Korean ♥
This song sounds great in acoustic too. 
From what I can tell, this song is very popular and is one of Gem's earlier tracks.
Korean ♥
"Love Song" is perhaps my favorite Big Bang song. The line distribution is seemingly even and every member shines.
Mandarin ♥
Every now and then, I like to listen to a fun obnoxious song to lighten my mood, 
Mandarin ♥
A-Mei Zhang has a very clear, crisp voice. I've never payed much attention to her 
before this but now I know better,

Korean ♥
This song is so underrated and didn't get much attention. Maybe because the
video is a little creepy?
Korean ♥
I love, love, love Lucky J. The members complement each other so
well. Too bad this is only their second song as of now.
This is one of his older songs, from the early G-Dragon days.
At first listen, the chorus didn't seem the fit, but now I just consider it a 
musical plot twist. 
A great 2NE1 song. No other explanation needed.
This is song is really good, produced well, nice rap, Not a genre
I typically listen to, but i'll recognize the quality of this
What I really like is the music video. It's movie-ish, The song is okay
too, I could have did without certain things, but still nice.

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