Friday, May 5, 2017

This or That? {8th Edition}

Ever hear a song that reminds you of another? This is a friendly comparison of videos and songs with similar genres, concepts, and themes.

IU Palette v. Song Ji-Eun Pretty Age 25

As the lead single from her new album, 'Palette' is IU's subtle, yet bold self-proclamation of her newfound maturity. In this, she compares her 25-year-old self to how she was in the past. Instead of hot pink, IU now likes purple and instead of long hair, she prefers short. Palette is almost like a diary entry that shows her thoughts and hobbies. The song has a pop r&b composition that complements IU's soft, airy vocals. It also features a rap from G-Dragon, which gives an extra element of surprise.

Similar to IU's song, "Pretty Age 25" is a song about reaching a fresh age in adulthood. Song Ji-Eun (Secret)  makes the point that she is no longer a young girl. She focuses very much on her appearance and is absorbed by the beauty of her age. The fast rhythm makes it a nice dance tune and Ji-Eun flaunts her beautiful vocal register.  

IU - Palette
Song Ji-Eun - Pretty Age 25

My Choice: 
I prefer the sound of 25: it's fun, has a catchy chorus and shows off Ji-Eun's clear and controlled voice. However, I appreciate IU's song more. Palette is self-written and shows her true feelings. She focuses more on her inner self rather than the vanity of appearance.

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