Thursday, April 6, 2017

March In Music

With March comes spring, so it's not a surprise that we were graced with songs and music videos that have a spring atmosphere. There were also awaited the awaited returns of popular boy groups Got7, B.A.P, and Monsta X. Moreover, Beast rebranded themselves as Highlight, Taeyeon dropped her first full album and SM kicked off season 2 of SM Station. Here are my Asian pop picks of March, not limited to Korean music.

1. B.A.P. - Wake Me Up
Released: March 6th
B.A.P. go darker and deeper in 'Wake Me Up'. The song, which is a combination of edgy rock and rugged rap, urges listeners to be awakened to reality. I found the music video to be...interesting but creepy. There are frightful scenes of people who are depicted with mental issues and emotional turmoil. Out of all the dark imagery and serious message, though, there is a hidden positive message: an emotional revolution. "putting back together the messy puzzle pieces in this game...Vive la revolution...Free, love, real, ill."
Review: Song - 4.5/5  MV - 2.5/5

2. Kisum X Cao Lu X Yerin - It's Spring Again
Released: March 15th
'It's Spring Again' is a three-person collaboration with Fiestar's Cao Lu, Gfriend's Yerin and soloist Kisum. It has a sweet, acoustic-based melody and a pastel music video that suits the current lush season. The lyrics express not being able to enjoy spring because they don't have a boyfriend. The girls also make other funny complaints, 'Why is it spring again? I’m allergic to pollen.Who does this benefit?"Overall, I really like 'Spring Again' because it's an all-girl affair. Such projects between female idols of different companies don't happen often!
Review: Song - 3/5  MV - 4/5

3. Apink - Bye Bye
Released: March 21st
In their 7th Japanese single, the girls of Apink say farewell to a flawed relationship and enjoy each others' company instead. 'Bye Bye' starts with warped sounds of a music box and turns into a mid-tempo bubblegum pop track, that is much like their Korean releases. Apink is as pure and girlish as usual, in a garden with cherry blossoms while wearing pastel tones that are perfect for spring.
Review: Song - 3/5  MV - 3/5

4. Monsta X - Beautiful
Released: March 21st
Monsta X complete their album trilogy with the release 'The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter'. 'Beautiful' is the lead single of the group's first full album. It opens with bubbly electronic synths which are followed by a barrage of abrasive rap from members Jooheon and IM. The song. which shifts between hip-hop and electro-pop, recovers from the roughness and welcomes a smooth chorus. What's more is, Monsta X demand your attention with their impressive choreography that exudes style and manliness!
Review: Song - 4/5  MV - 5/5

5. Shiny - Trainer
Released; March 27th
Shiny (姚亦晴) is a fresh-faced 20-year-old soloist from Taiwan. She has shown herself to have a powerful alto voice which she puts together with the music of the ballad and techno genre. Currently, Shiny is promoting her first full-length album 'Getting Stronger' which was released in January. 'Trainer (馴獸師)' is the record's latest single and features groovy synths with a mature, but hipster sound.
Review: Song - 3/5  MV - 2.5/5

6. Red Velvet - Would U
Released: March 30th
'Would U' is the leading single of SM Station Season 2 and is sung by the vocal angels of Red Velvet. This medium tempo track tells of a girl's shyness as she approaches the one she has fallen for. Hopelessly smitten, she starts to imagine how her love would come true. Red Velvet's Irene stars in the music video with Kim Min Jae of BtoB as her love interest. Irene roams around in a garden, reading notes until her future beau ultimately finds her amongst the flowers.
Review: Song - 3/5  MV - 3.5/5

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