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Top Male Idol Rappers in K-pop

K-pop has a surplus of male rappers, but who has what it takes to be one of the best? These are idol rappers, not to be confused with artists like Dok2 or Tablo. Also, this list is my opinion and from what I observed. Who's your favorite?

12. Zelo (B.A.P.)
A young fire-ball-like rapper who is influenced by the music of Pharrell and 50 Cent. His speedy delivery has amazing flow and comes unexpectedly from behind his baby face!
Never Give Up (Bang & Zelo)

 11. J-Hope (BTS)
People tend to forget about BTS's third rapper J-Hope. He is actually part of the group's dance line-up and was made by his agency to be a rapper. Since his debut, J-Hope has been improving his lyrics and often gives a fun, crazy twist to the song.
Cypher Pt.2: Triptych (BTS)

10. Joo heon (Monsta X)
Joo heon competed in the survival show 'No,Mercy' to become part of Monsta X and in the rap competition Show Me The Money 4. He shows promising talent, as he is the co-composer and co-lyrist of many Monsta X tracks.

9. B.I. (Ikon)
Dubbed as 'the next G-Dragon', B.I does have great musical talent in songwriting and composing. Though his rap isn't always powerful, B.I. has solid skill in spitting verses. For me, he constantly jumps the line between 'good' and 'great'. Sometimes I'm impressed and other times I'm not. Either way, he gained attention from SMTM3, YG entertainment's trainee survival programs and his featuring in 'Born Hater'. No doubt his ambition and musicality will take him farther.
Anthem (Bobby & B.I)

8. Suga (BTS)
A passionate artist. Suga takes part in composing and writing lyrics for BTS. He is not new to the rap game, and has been in the underground scene before his debut.
Move (BTS)

7. Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P.)
Bang Yong Guk is a popular idol song-writer and this skill has a part in carrying B.A.P.'s music to the charts. One of his first k-pop appearances was in 2011 on Song Ji-eun's 'Going Crazy'. The song hit number one on the charts.
I Remember Feat. Yang Yoseob

6. Mino (Winner)
In the underground scene they called him 'Hugeboy Mino'. As an idol, he's gotten a lot of hate but still won 2nd place in SMTM4. Also, Mino has collaborated with many artists including: Zico, Paloalto, Lee Hi and Taeyang.
Okey Dokey Ft. Zico

5. Bobby (Ikon)
This young-blood has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. He won first place in 'Show Me The Money 3', competed as a trainee in two survival shows (with B.I); WIN:Who is Next? and Mix & Match, and debuted with the monster rookie group Ikon. Bobby broke the stereotypes that many people have of 'idol rappers'- they can't write good lyrics and have no natural skill. He proved to everyone that he's not just another rookie and even got to rap with heavy-weights Verbal Jint, Mithra Jin and Tablo in 'Born Hater'!

4. Rap Monster (BTS)
Rap Monster is yet another idol rapper on this list with underground roots. As a follower of BTS since their debut, I noticed that Rapmon has grown as an artist, but really hasn't changed much at all. He still has his signature style, unmistakable voice and a 'raw hip-hop' feel. Rap Monster is a 'packer', or a type of rapper that focuses on clever verses and the poetry of lyrics rather than sound. In 2015, he released his first mixtape which landed on Spin's Top Hip-Hop albums of the year.

Top Tier

3. T.O.P (Big Bang)
T.O.P is cool and chill. He isn't the lead rapper in Big Bang, but his parts contrast and compliment G-Dragon's. I noticed that T.O.P's raps seem effortlessly calculated. He must have put effort into writing his lyrics but I can't imagine him putting effort into anything (he's so laid-back, Big Bang fans know)! In his solo, 'Doom Dada' he raps weird nothings that (contrary to what they seem) have deep meaning. T.O.P. compares unskilled rappers to apes who have no idea what to do with a microphone. He, a sommelier, creates music that is like fine wine.
Doom Dada

2. Zico (Block B)
When Zico is with the k-pop group Block B, he is an idol but during his solo activities, like his appearance as a producer on SMTM4, he goes back to his roots as an underground rapper. I noticed that he started to show more sides to him as he developed his career as a soloist. Normally, Zico would go for a hard-gangster image, which is why he can be called a 'Braggadoccio', but lately is his song 'I Am You,You Are Me' he melds mellow rap with a ballad. The lyrics to his newer tracks are whole. I can only describe them as complete, well written thoughts. Maybe, they are like Zico's memoirs?
Pride and Prejudice (Feat. Suran)

1. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
T.O.P's band-mate, G-Dragon raps and composes music that has popular appeal, both in his works with Big Bang and as a solo artist. In his lyrics, many times there seems to be more than meets the eye. For example, 'One of a Kind' seems like a typical rap song that talks about being rich and famous. Yes, GD emphasizes 'young and rich', but the song is really a parody of how the media portrays him. He makes himself out to be a rich jerk, but pulls away the veil to show his real self, which is one or a kind. Clever! G-Dragon's music style is eclectic, so no single song can be considered his 'signature style'.

Honorable Mentions
ONE (former 1Punch Member)
Ravi (VIXX)
Ilhoon (BtoB)
I.M (Monsta X)
Junhyung (Beast)
Vernon (Seventeen)

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